Brian Fawcett Taking the Piss out of Donald Trump by Brian Fawcett

Nobody Hates Trump More Than Trump  by David Shields, Thought Catalog Books, Brooklyn, New York,  2018, pb, 235 pp.$12.95 (USD)  With Nobody Hates Trump More Than Trump,  David Shields has written the best book, so far, on the political and cultural implications of Trump’s... [Read more...]

Stan Persky MeMeMe! … and It by Stan Persky

  A letter to George Stanley that turned into a Dooney’s column. Eh, go figure. Friday, Oct. 19, 2018; Oct. 20, 2018 Dear George, I started writing you a letter yesterday morning, but got so distracted by various unspectacular and otherwise unnotable events of the... [Read more...]

Stan Persky McCain’s Meme by Stan Persky

Of the reams of commentary and hours of digital documentation about the death and week-long, multimedia-transmitted funeral of U.S. Senator John McCain, who died of brain cancer last month at age 81, I thought the best-written — and most sensible – op-ed reflection was... [Read more...]

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MeMeMe! … and It

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McCain’s Meme

The message from John McCain’s funeral.

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Brian Fawcett reads the jacket copy of a science fiction novel

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Old Age and Writing are disturbed by thought. Three George Stanley poems.

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Taking the Piss out of Donald Trump

Is the secret to Donald Trump an absence of anything resembling an inner life? David Shields thinks so. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Brian Fawcett thinks that Shields has not only nailed Trump, but that he may be the best genre-busting writer in the U.S.

Dear Old Golden Rule Days

Sheldon Goldfarb’s history of student life at UBC takes us back to school.

The Objects of My Affection

George Bowering has a new novel. It’s called “No One.” Does it objectify anyone?

Philip Roth (1933-2018): Indelible

Remembering Philip Roth and his indelible novel, “The Human Stain.”

Ashes and Embers

Taking a second look at Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury.”

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Newest Dictionary Entry

National Game: Quebec Bans Hockey Mask Face-Covering

Amid criticism from across Canada over a province of Quebec law that bans

Quebec Justice Minister Stephanie Vallee.

face coverings for giving or receiving public services or  entertainments,  Quebec Justice Minister Stephanie Vallee announced on Thursday that hockey masks for goalies would be banned as part of the “State Religious Neutrality Law.” “Why should goalies be able to hide their faces during the national game?” asked the minister. “Their ability to conceal their goal-tending strategy while a left-winger is taking a slapshot is totally unjust,” Vallee declared.

Hockey mask.

However, in a statement partially walking back her initial decree, Vallee softened the application of the law. “If goalies are taking public transportation to the game,” the minister explained, “they only have to briefly lift their mask for the bus driver to see their face, and can wear the full mask for the remainder of the bus-ride, along with Muslim women, and punks in face-concealing hoodies.”

Person in niqab. Possibly a hockey centre.

Further, Vallee said that hockey centres-in-burkas have to lift their face-coverings only during face-offs. Other “accomodations” will be provided as necessary, the minister promised.


Montreal seismological scientists

Jacques Plante, c. 1945.

reported that legendary Canadiens goaltender Jacques Plante (1929-1986) rolled over in his grave, and it registered as a 5.8 quake on the Richter Scale. Plante invented the goaltender mask in the 1959-1960 season when his nose was broken by a shot by  the New York Rangers’ Andy Bathgate. (cf. Wikipedia, “Jacques Plante” for the long history of Plante’s argument with coach Toe Blake, who tried to prevent the goalie from wearing the mask, claiming it would harm the “national game.”) According to the scientists, Plante not only rolled over, but was recorded as saying, “Sacre bleu! Goddamned pure laine bourgeois bosses.”


— Not The Onion, this is The Paul Bunyan Review: Tall Tales for the Time of Trump.

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