Stan Persky Letter from Berlin: History, Cont’d. by Stan Persky

I am Charlie. Berlin — Given the historic events in Paris in the second week of January 2015, it’s kind of a shame that former neoconservative American political thinker Francis Fukuyama wasn’t right when he proclaimed “The End of History” in a 1989... [Read more...]

Brian Fawcett Is the Far-Right Right? by Brian Fawcett

  A few days ago, while perusing the on-line magazine Arts and Opinion, I pulled up an article written by David Solway (here) and began to read. Solway, for those who aren’t familiar with him, is an elderly Montreal writer of considerable skill, erudition and monumental wordiness.... [Read more...]

Brian Fawcett Some Moral Hysteria by Brian Fawcett

  I’m uncomfortable, as I suspect a lot of men currently are, with the pursuit of Jian Gomeshi and the attempts to prevent Bill Cosby from performing the several gigs he was contracted for in Ontario. My discomfort isn’t due to any ambivalence about how serious the accusations... [Read more...]

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Letter from Berlin: History, Cont’d.

Reflections on the shootings in Paris, and the Continuation, not the End, of History.

Is the Far-Right Right?

We know David Solway is right wing. But is he actually right about any of it? Brian Fawcett investigates….

Some Moral Hysteria

Brian Fawcett files a short piece on the media stampede surrounding Jian Gomeshi and Bill Cosby.

We’re back

We’re back from winter hibernation. Stay tuned.

Cabinet of Curiosities

Norbert Ruebsaat stops in London to make sure he’s got the right Rosetta Stone in sight.

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Love in Venice

What to read on the way to Venice.

Is It a Beauty? Is It Great?

It’s Oscar season. Dooney’s goes to the movies to see Paolo Sorrentino’s “Great Beauty.”

Cinefile: “Hang Me, Oh Hang Me”

It’s Oscar time. Stan Persky goes to the movies and sees Oscar Isaac in a grim folk song film by the Coen brothers.

Dirty Laundry

Stan Persky on a sex biography of Gore Vidal.


Stan Persky checks out a new book that asks, “Should we read in the digital age?”

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Dooney’s Dictionary is back on the job, reporting directly from your nearest Fa(s)t Food Emporium. Time to eat your Tim-Bits.

McDavid defined.

McDavid defined.

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