Norbert Ruebsaat An Interesting Writer by Norbert Ruebsaat

  In New Denver, a village on Slocan Lake in the B.C. Kootenays, I met an interesting writer. He does poetry and performance art, along with historical writing and journalism, and his project is to revive mythological epic poetry writing and find a place for its practice... [Read more...]

Stan Persky Narrating Galloway by Stan Persky

When a prominent group of Canadian writers published an “open letter” in November 2016, defending the rights of recently fired University of British Columbia (UBC) creative writing professor and novelist Steven Galloway, I began thinking vaguely of writing something about... [Read more...]

Stan Persky Trump’s Oink-Oink, er, Inaugural Speech by Stan Persky

Okay, it’s the morning after Day One of the reign of President Donald J. Trump, and “I don’t feel fine” (to contradict the chorus-line clincher of R.E.M.’s old anthem, “It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)”). Or does the swearing-in ceremony... [Read more...]

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An Interesting Writer

News from New Denver. Meeting “Dead Crow.”

Narrating Galloway

Novelist Steven Galloway got fired from his job as Creative Writing Dept. chair at UBC. What happened? It depends on the story you tell.

Trump’s Oink-Oink, er, Inaugural Speech

The joys of free speech and writing columns-by-number.

John Berger, 1926-2017

The death of a storyteller.

Letter from Berlin: Read the News Today, Oh Boy

Berlin terrorist attack. The here and there of it.

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Newest Reviews

Brawl on the Beach: The Making of an Absurdist Masterpiece

How Albert Camus’s literary classic came into being, despite an absurd world and an absent divinity.

Mein Trumpf, or Through a Cracked Crystal Ball Darkly

Reading the far-right subculture.

In Madrid: Landscape with Ghosts

In Spain’s capital there are absent poets, the absence of government, and terrace cafes on a late summer afternoon

Say Something

What distinguishes humans from other animals? Here’s Noam Chomsky on the language question.

Twitter Storm Spatters Elderly Writers Talese and Trillin

Veteran writers Gay Talese and Calvin Trillin come under digital fire. The Old People’s Review of Books rushes to their defense.

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Newest Dictionary Entry


TRUMP AND DIVERSITY:……………….Notice anything in these pics? Number of men: all. Number of women: 0. Number of whites: all. Number of non-white gentlemen: 0. Number of transgendered non-white non-male non-hetero nonentities? You figure it out. Getting the picture?

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Update: Swedish Deputy PM Isabella Lovin spoofs Trump gang as she signs new climate control measure on behalf of Swedish govt.

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