Norbert Ruebsaat Cabinet of Curiosities by Norbert Ruebsaat

When visiting my friend Barry in London recently I felt the city to be endless, chaotic, noisy, and I frequently got lost–in the streets, with their constantly changing names and directions, and the Underground with its cute ones—and had to resort to very expensive taxis... [Read more...]

Daniel Gawthrop An Independent Newsroom Where Self-Censorship Rules by Daniel Gawthrop

With the state once again targeting journalists, press freedom in post-dictatorship Myanmar remains elusive. But it’s not just the government that inhibits free expression: the country’s leading independent news daily routinely betrays the ideals of press freedom by promoting... [Read more...]

Stan Persky Ukraine: Here’s Facebooking at You, Kid by Stan Persky

While my ultraleft Facebook acquaintances (you know who you are) have relentlessly continued to post links to simplistic Russian propaganda about the situation in Ukraine, this morning’s report from the dreaded “mainstream” media may be closer to what’s... [Read more...]

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Cabinet of Curiosities

Norbert Ruebsaat stops in London to make sure he’s got the right Rosetta Stone in sight.

An Independent Newsroom Where Self-Censorship Rules

Dan Gawthrop reports from Burma. The post-dictatorship press looks “independent,” but what about the big story on which it is tip-toeing the government line?

Ukraine: Here’s Facebooking at You, Kid

A little Facebook music please: transcript of a social media conversation about current events.

CBC: The Stursbergians-vs-The Gzowskiteers

A call to arms for the national broadcaster.

Jim Flaherty’s State Funeral

Brian Fawcett isn’t convinced there should have been a State Funeral for former Harper Government Finance Minister Jim Flaherty

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Newest Reviews

Love in Venice

What to read on the way to Venice.

Is It a Beauty? Is It Great?

It’s Oscar season. Dooney’s goes to the movies to see Paolo Sorrentino’s “Great Beauty.”

Cinefile: “Hang Me, Oh Hang Me”

It’s Oscar time. Stan Persky goes to the movies and sees Oscar Isaac in a grim folk song film by the Coen brothers.

Dirty Laundry

Stan Persky on a sex biography of Gore Vidal.


Stan Persky checks out a new book that asks, “Should we read in the digital age?”

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Newest Dictionary Entry

Poetic Justice

In early July in Pamplona, Spain, during the 9-day San Fermin Festival, they run the bulls through the streets of the town for a few mornings. A crowd of human daredevils joins the run. Inevitably a few people get gored by the bulls. A half dozen of the bulls get killed later in the afternoon.

Writer gets gored.

Writer gets gored.

The whole thing is immortalized in Ernest Hemingway’s 1926 novel, The Sun Also Rises. (The killing of the bulls is pondered in a later Hemingway book, Death in the Afternoon.)

This year one of the idiots who got gored by a bull was an American writer, Bill Hillmann, 32, from Chicago. He’s the co-author of, you guessed it, Fiesta: How to Survive the Bulls of Pamplona. Jeez, the things they make writers do for book publicity these days. Mr. Hillman is reportedly recovering in hospital from his “serious, but not life-threatening wounds.” We wish we could say the same for the bulls.











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